Web finds, Thursday 14 June 2012

 I’ve not posted here for a while because I’ve been away on a family camping trip. The great outdoors emerged as a bit of a theme in my web surfing as the first two links show.

For me the best find of the week was from the guys at the always outstanding Asian Efficiency. If you use both Omnifocus and Evernote then I think you will agree with me.

Finally there are a smattering of other useful links for you to consider.

  • Boost Your Creativity, Happiness, and Focus by Stepping Out Into Nature Here lifehacker discuss the restorative effect of getting away from your desk and out into the big wide world. You don’t have to go native for a month – just 30 minutes in a local park can have a huge impact on your level of focus. No more gobbling your lunch ‘as you work’!
  • Mom Was Right: Go Outside And this is the science bit from a ‘real’ newspaper to back it up.
  • How to Automatically Transfer Evernote Notes to Omnifocus This is my big find of the week. If you rely on Omnifocus to organise your tasks and use Evernote as your external brain then I think you will like this too.
    You need a certain knowledge of using Applescript but the excellent guide from Asian efficiency takes you through all the steps.
    Once you set up the system you can tag any note in Evernote with the word ‘review’ and when the Applescript triggers it sends the note to Omnifocus (and clears the ‘review’ tag in Evernote). But here is the magic bit – the new Omnifocus task has a url link back to your Evernote note – not the web interface to evernote, but to the actual native client note! If you have an iOS device in the mix it gets even better. The Omnifocus link will take you straight from the Omnifocus app and into the note in the Evernote app.
    This is amazing.
    For extra geek points you can skip installing Lingon, follow the comments thread and set up a cron job to run the Applescript on a regular basis. You need to be comfortable with using terminal.
  • Simple-for-Ever Keeping on the Evernote theme you might be interested in this web app that keeps an evernote notebook synced to your simple note .txt notes. This is a great way to keep your text notes within evernote but keeping the simplicity and portability of plain text. I urge you to give it a try.
  • 3 Ways to Be Less Busy and More Productive This post at Lifehack caught my eye. One of the methods they champion is to develop the habit of journalling. It is a goal of mine for the month to journal on a regular (daily) basis. I’m 14 days in and already finding it a great way to clear out my head at the end of the day and to gear my self up for upcoming the day ahead. Good, solid advice – as I’ve come to expect from lifehack
  • How to Make Good Use of Time Pockets This is an old 2010 article from the Dumb Little Man. It is a quick five minute read that does a good job of making you realise just how much you can get done if you just stay present, focused and put systems in place to make sure you can take advantage of the little bit of time that we all have during the day.

Well that should keep you going for a while and I’ll post my regular original content soon.

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