Web finds, Tuesday 01 May 2012

Web finds, Tuesday 01 May 2012

This week’s deep dive into the internet has revealed some interesting posts….

  • Simplify seasonal activities with checklists A primer on what activities can be made into checklists and how to do it. I find Evernote to be a really good place to keep these
  • Looking at your todo list Mike Vardy offers up some good advice on how to beat todo list paralysis
  • How to start and keep a journal If, like me, you thought that journaling is only for people of a Pepysian persuasion, think again. This is a good read and has prompted me to start keeping a paper journal
  • Filofax address book software updated Again on the theme of analogue productivity this is a link to the official Filofax address book software. If you have lots of contacts in your electronic address book then this will be a huge help
  • Fantasy GTD offices Have you ever planned-out your ideal ‘GTD compliant’ office space? Then this might give you a few ideas
  • Your ideas and how to move them forward Brett Kelly ruminates on the process of getting from gonna do to done. You might want to check out his Evernote ebook while you are there
  • Why men should read more fiction This is very timely for me. I have a goal to read 36 books during the course of this calendar year. I also decided that 24 of these should not be self help books, technical guides or biographies. I just finished 11/22/63 by Stephen King and went straight into Daemon by Daniel Suarez. It must be over 20 years since I read two fiction book ‘on the bounce’ but I’m really enjoying this. Maybe those guys at Art on Manliness are on to something

3 thoughts on “Web finds, Tuesday 01 May 2012

  1. Easiest way to read an extra 36 books a year is to get an Audible Platinum subscription. This lowers the book cost to $10 and allows you to read while driving and exercising. My wife and I go through 2 24 book subscriptions in a year, sometimes. Listening is 1/10 the difficulty to read as sitting down with book in hand, light on, quiet house, no cat butt in face, etc.

    Link to the subscription plans page at audible is: http://www.audible.com/pap

    My wife and i have subscribed for 6 years. FANTASTIC!

    • Bill, I could not agree more. I’ve been an audible.co.uk subscriber for several years and cannot wait for the 22nd of each month to roll around because that’s when my next book credit arrives.

      I don’t count my audio books in the goal above as I consider these to be ‘extra merit points’ over and above the core 36 books.

      Maybe I’m cheating myself and I should be celebration reading 48 books in the year? I think I’ll update my goal.

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